Compliance Calendar

January 1          EPCRA - Supplier notification of product I.D. (40CFR 372.45)

                          TSCA - Notification of export chemical (40CFR 707.65; 58)

March 1             26R Chemical Analysis for Resdiual Waste (PA)

                          Air Emissions Inventory for Criterial Pollutants and HAPS (AIMS, PA)

                          Residual Waste Biennial Report and Chemical Analysis Report (330 and 330GM) (PA)

                          Tier II Inventory (SARA) (PA)

April 1               Hazardous Substance survey due (PA)

June 21             Risk Management Rule

June 30             Municipal Waste Annual report due (PA)

                         US DOT Hazard Registration (Hazmat)

July 1                EPCRA Annual Form R (TRI) Report due (313) (40CFR 372.30 (d))

                         TSCA Annual PCB report due (40CFR 761.180)

September 1     Title V fees due (PA)

October 9         RCRA Landfill Compliance with Monitoring and Notification requirements (40CFR 258.50(c), (2), (d), (e), (1)

October 30        Small NOx Rule credit calculations due (PA Code Section 129.203)

November 1       Small Nox Rule allowances due (PA Code Section 129.204)

December 1       NPDES Stormwater general permits annual certification