Whittemore and Haigh Engineering Inc. engineers have been providing structural analysis, design, and civil engineering services to utilities throughout the Middle Atlantic States region for the last ten years. The work is extremely challenging since we must comply with the State codes, local regulatory authorities and the NESC. Many of the structures WHEI analyzes were constructed in the 1950-1980 time period. The work is multi-disciplined and includes not only the structure but also the foundations (civil), soils (geotechnical), spill containment (environmental) and stormwater hydrology (civil). Work must be closely coordinated with the high voltage work and vendor supplied equipment.

Featured Projects

PPL Generating Station, Washingtonville, PA

Conveyance Channel Repairs: An existing concrete lined channel used to convey runoff water from an ash pile was showing sever cracking, had been undermined from water runoff from the adjacent roadway, heaving, and the expansion joints were completely deteriorated. A survey of the existing channel and adjacent area was performed and plans were developed to re-grade the adjacent area, replace sections of the channel, repairing of cracked sections, and replacing the expansion joints. Construction inspection of the repair work was also provided. Gregory Moser, PE served as lead structural engineer and Project Manger on this project.

Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), Atlantic City Electric (ACE) and Delmarva Power, multiple locations in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey

WHEI provided structural analysis and design services for the verification of existing supporting structures and foundations and design of new structures and foundations for medium (12.5 kV and 69 kV) and high voltage (230 kV) transformers, gas circuit breakers, bus supports, and switches.

Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO), Maryland

WHEI provided structural analysis utilizing STADD.Pro V8i structural analysis and design software to determine if existing twenty-three foot high structural steel framed 230 kV substation disconnect switch towers and multiple bay 69 kV frame switch towers constructed in the 1950-1980 time period would support new loading and also current code requirements. Tower structures were multiple different designs with multiple different equipment loads and multiple different foundation designs. At the request of the Client WHEI also performed third party review of another engineering consultants prior design analysis and proposed design modifications.