Public Water Supply


Whittemore and Haigh Engineering, Inc. offers a wide range of Public Water Supply (PWS) services in relation to source evaluation and development. Whittemore and Haigh Engineering, Inc.'s staff assists clients by conducting PWS regulatory reviews, spring and groundwater source assessments, and design of water intakes, wells, and collection/storage/treatment systems. Whittemore and Haigh Engineering, Inc. further assists its clients by submitting required permitting documents, developing the bid documents, performing the bid reviews, making contractor recommendations, contracting the project, and overseeing the on-site construction activities.

Featured Project

When a local public water supply system's primary potable water source became contaminated following an uncontrolled release of fuel oil, Whittemore and Haigh Engineering, Inc. was contracted to properly permit a new potable water source for the public water supply system. The required permit application process consisted of an engineering review of the current potable water withdrawal, treatment, and distribution systems; engineering of potable water treatment changes; hydrogeologic investigation; Surface Water Identification Protocol Monitoring; and regulatory permitting on both the county and state levels.