Structural Investigations


Whittemore and Haigh Engineering's Inc. structural engineers have extensive experience in performing existing condition surveys and investigation and determining the cause of distress and failures, and damage assessment in buildings and other structures. Damage from water infiltration, fires, cracks, settlement, displacement, corrosion, and collapses are some of the projects investigated by WHEI engineers as well as performing existing condition surveys of buildings. Clients include municipalities, insurance and claim services, attorneys, realtors, and private companies and individuals.

Featured Projects

Multiple Insurance and Claim Service Companies

Claim Assessments: Gregory Moser, PE has provided reports for insurance claims for multiple claim service companies related to structural deficiencies or failures. Reports consisted of performing a site visit, assessing the condition of the structure, determining the cause of the structural deficiency or failure, and providing a report with opinion of the cause and recommendations of methods to repair the structure.

Cochran Elementary School, Williamsport, PA

Gregory Moser, PE provided structural engineering services for the investigation of moisture issues, distressed brick and stone masonry, and the design of repairs to remediate the issues. Repairs include replacing corroded lintels, replacement of cracked and displaced brick and stone masonry, addition of flashing under the capping stone, and re-pointing of the brick. In addition to the engineering design, bidding and construction administration services were also provided.

Confidential Client, Southeast, PA

A one story 10,000 square feet structural steel framed building on spread footings, was exhibiting signs of severe settlement via cracked masonry veneer and cracked gypsum wallboard. As Project Manager and lead structural engineer, Gregory Moser, PE, developed a program to investigate the structure and determine the cause of distress. The program included surveys and monitoring of the building, a geotechnical investigation, and analysis of the framing system to determine if it was safe to continue to occupy the building. Conceptual measures to stabilize the structure were also investigated.